Listopad 2011

**Human connect to human (fan art)**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:43 | Tess |  Twincest
by unknown

**Tom (fan art by Irinikiss)**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:42 | Tess |  Tom Kaulitz
by Irinikiss

**Bill (photomontage by Emily)**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:42 | Tess |  Bill Kaulitz
by Emily

**MTV twitter (01.11.2011)**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:41 | Tess |  Novinky
Gratulujeme Aliens! Znovu jste to dokázali! Fan Army FTW MTV OMA!

**Blowjob (montáž)**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:40 | Tess |  Twincest
Warning: nudity
by Aliss-R-Aleman

** The faces of the famous people without make-up**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:40 | Tess |  Rozhovory, články, časáky atd.

Bill Kaulitz, Tokio Hotel leader and a victim of its forelock, here you can see him without his forelock with a normal hairstyle.


**Tokio Hotel, Demi Lovato & Adam Lambert: OMA Winners!**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:39 | Tess |  Rozhovory, články, časáky atd.

Back for another year of toasting the fan's favorites in entertainment and social media, The O Music Awards announced their 2011 winners on a webcast airing on Monday night (October 31).

Taking home the top prize of the evening was German rock band Tokio Hotel being awards the Fan Army FTW trophy while Demi Lovato snagged Best Artist With a Cameraphone and Adam Lambert garnered the Must-Follow Artist on Twitter accolade.

Other big winners at the second running of the web-based awards show included Joe Jonas as Best Lyrics Video honoree for "See No More" and Britney Spears for Most Outrageous Tweet.

The complete list of winners from the 2011 O Music Awards is as follows:

Fan Army FTW
WINNER: Tokio Hotel "Aliens"
Lady Gaga "Little Monsters"
Adam Lambert "Glamberts"
Justin Bieber "Beliebers"
Insane Clown Posse "Juggalos"
Iron Maiden "Troopers"
Demi Lovato "Lovatics"
Taylor Swift "Taylor Nation"
Nicki Minaj "Barbiez"
Lil Wayne "Team Weezy"


**Bill (fan art by unknown) #3**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:38 | Tess |  Bill Kaulitz
by unknown

**Twins (fan art by Allegator) #5**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:37 | Tess |  Kaulitz twins
by Allegator

**Bill (fan art by Allegator) #12**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:36 | Tess |  Bill Kaulitz
by Allegator

**Fotka měsíce ŘÍJEN**

1. listopadu 2011 v 18:16 | Tess |  Měsíce roku 2011

Fotky měsíce ŘÍJEN máme pro tentokrát dvě, díky stejnému počtu hlasů, a to fotku číslo 2 - Tom a fotku číslo 3 - Twins! ♥